Reflections of the Muse

Dear Earthlings

You have struggled, you had a hard time,
you maybe felt alone – but you have never been deserted,
not for the blink of an eye.

Today I bring you good news –  صñ∏Ï∆
I have been visiting The Muse, source of all creativity and she sent me to you, humans, with this message:

“Continue following your dream. Do, what brings you joy.
Visit nature as much as you can to reconnect. You are doing a fantastic job! You might think, you don’t, but this is not true.

Dark patches are part of this process. You might feel off track, but right where you are now, you are picking up tools that you need. I am aware, humans, it is not easy, for any of you. I am always there for you, you can find me in all places. Keep you heart wide open.
I love you.”

This is what I am transmitting from The Muse, woven in this song.

BeaK says​

I am aware this might sound a bit spaced out. But what can I do?
BeArte IS a space creature.
By the way, this is the song when we both met!
BeArte has a different concept of time,it took me 5 years to accomplish it.
Her language Phi is not easy to translate.

Many have contributed with their creativity thus reflecting the nature of The Muse. We recorded it where earthly stars made their albums, like Queen,
The Clash, U2 and others, at Metropolis Studios in London.
You are hearing the same grand piano that Freddy Mercury used to play.
In the vocal booth, Amy Winehouse’s had sweated, too…
and Jimi Hendrix was watching me closely!

You might have noticed The Muse in the video. This release though is the full version, both in English and German.

You can listen exclusively here, being bold pioneers!

Both tracks will be released digitally on
Sunday, 11th of July 2020, 11.00 a.m.
your local time.

Do you prefer an easy life? You can pre-order the tracks. Then they will go straight into your itunes/Spotify library on the release day.

How will this happen? I will let you know via BeArte’s newsletter and Telegram group on the 26th of June 2020 when pre-order starts.

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Recorded at Metropolis Studios London

Pre-Production: Tom Lang, Berlin

Cello: Natasha Jaffe, Berlin

Drums: James Paton, London

ACM Electron Choir, London

Choir arrangement and harmonies & vocal coach: Kaya Herstad Carney

Beat maker and mentor: Kieron Pepper

Programming Engineer: Sandro Giacometti

Recording Engineer @Metropolis Studios, Vocals English: Tom Hough

Recording Engineer @Metropolis Studios, Piano and drums: Nick Mills

Recording Engineer @Metropolis Studios, Vocals German: Maher Woo-Shear

Recording Second Engineer: Daniel Griffin

Recording Second Engineer: Nicola Pulvirenti

Vocals, grand piano, synthesizer: Beate Henkel

Composition & production: Beate Henkel

Mixing & Mastering Engineer: George Donoghue

Coaching: Cherilyn Hehl@Total Royal

Illustration Artist: Gavin Sodo

Webdesign and Marketing Advice:


Love and appreciation for all my wonderful friends, mentors, supporters. Without you BeArte would not be who she is.


You are bold. You are brave. You are BeArte!


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  1. Jessica

    You are the embodiment of brave and bold! I love the look. Congratulations to the release of the muse.

  2. Sandeep

    Wow, keep up the good work ! Looking for more.

  3. Lavany

    A cosmic connection. Such powerful vibrations as I listen to your delivery. Deep and soulful, I love it!

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