The Story

“I believe that music and stories are our most effective tools
to bring about change.”

(Beate Henkel)

Who is BeArte?

BeArte is an entity from the star Beta Centauri ( β Cen), officially called Hadar,
arabic “to be present” or “on the ground”.
She can shapeshift into any form but chooses to stay in the female human body as not to confuse people. The language she speaks is Phi.

Who is BeaK?

BeaK (Beate Henkel) is the official translator of BeArte.
Both met accidently when BeaK was composing – she had slipped into a black hole of frequencies where the boundaries disappeared. Through practice and research, BeaK learned the language Phi.

BeaK translates BeArte‘s message into words, music and recycled field recordings.
To enhance the experience for the audience, BeaK also produces visuals for the performances.

Having worked as Bea Henkel in the Holy Grail of the music industry, Olympic Studios in London, she assisted on recording sessions with Eric Clapton, Nick Cave and many other earthly stars.

These are the projects she worked on before meeting BeArte:

Collaborations UK


«The Illumination Corporation»
May 2001 to April 2002
Punk-Pop Band with Dr. Psychotic &
Beahellzibabe (Guitarist and Singer)

«Riverside Radio»
3rd of August 2002
Interview with Simon Beer «Young people
in the arts» und first Radio play
«When I was young» und «You are forgiven
’cause you are beautiful»

«The Art of Love»
London 2005
Exhibition in OXO Tower 3 poems,
3 paintings, 3 songs

«Candy Cadillac»
Bea on electric bass, rocking in Wales

October 2005 to November 2007
Songwriting with Katja von Kassel

«The Eye»
Januar 2012 until today
Psychedelic project with Bede Trillo
Produced by Martin “Youth” Glover
(Killing Joke, The Orb, Sir Paul McCartney,
The Verve, Dragonfly Records)

Olympic Studios, EMI, London Album-Credits

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
«Nocturama» 2003

Eric Clapton
«Me and Mr Johnson» 2004
«Back Home» 2005

«Out of Nothing» 2004

The Cure
«Greatest Hits» 2003
«The Cure» 2004

Blazin’ Squad
«Flip reverse» 2003

Lloyd Webber
«Phantom of the Opera» Surround-sound mix

«Don’t believe the Truth» 2004

Assisted Sessions

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Eric Clapton
The Cure
Jeff Beck
Simple Minds
Jamie Scott
BB King
Tori Amos
Massive Attack
Emma Bunton
Queen Adrena
Danilo mit «The Moody Blues»
Maria Wilson
The Ordinary Boys
Presuntos Implicados
Atomic Kitten
Howie Day
Basement Jaxx
Jan Brown
Lloyd Webber
Keith Flint


Real World Studios (Peter Gabriel)
Martina Topley Bird

Martin Youth Glover (Killing Joke, The Verve,
The Orb, Sir Paul McCartney, Embrace)
Simon Climie (Eric Clapton, Zucchero)
Nick Launey (Nick Cave)
Kieron Pepper
Wim Wenders («The Soul of a Man» –
Documentary, Olympic Studios 2003)
Tom Tempi (Tom Lang)

Mark “Spike” Stent (Madonna, U2)
Alan Douglas (Eric Clapton)
Keith Uddin (The Cure)
Clive Goddard
Paul Hicks
Thierry Berset
Sandro Giacometti