Storysinger, Soundpainter & Humanfriend
Art pop with cinematic soundscapes and hypnotic visuals

I am BeArte.

I come from the universe where the stars are born.
My skin is reflecting dancing planets,
My sound is transmitting clusters of light.
Find in your heart the courage to follow me on this journey.

We dive deep into forgotten landscapes,
Rise up into blissful spheres
To find the balance between polarities.

We are one family of intergalactic hunters.
Creators and creations in one.
Our sword of frequencies glow in these words
“BeBold. BeBrave. BeArte.”

The knowledge of all times is stored in us.
We are the Holy Grail.
We honour us and our legacy.
We follow our dreams and create a new world.

Our time has begun.

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BeBold. BeBrave. BeArte.

On her travels through time and space, BeArte has collected stories.
Stories about darkness and light, divinity and humanity.
Her translator BeaK helps to materialise those adventures into emotive art pop.

 BeArte decided to reveal herself to the human species in performances.
Her mission is to connect people with their heart and each other to inspire freedom and peace,
starting from the inside.
BeArte encourages her audience, the frequency hunters, to BeBold in expression,
BeBrave in showing vulnerability and BeArte in creating their own life and identity.

BeArte takes on a journey into one’s own soul.
She reminds us what it means to be human.
And what really matters.

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