Storysinger, Soundpainter & Humanfriend
Art pop with cinematic soundscapes and hypnotic visuals

BeBold. BeBrave. BeArte.

You who is bold enough to challenge existing structures,
You who is brave enough to show vulnerability,

You are part of BeArte.

We are all creators.
We create ourselves.
We create our lives.

Ride on, frequency hunters, ride on!
I promise you a spice of magic
in your daily life.

Let us dance between the Worlds!

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Reflections of the Muse
Full Versions,
both in English
and German

Lunatic Voyagers

Sit back, do not fasten any seatbelts and enjoy the
Trip to the Moon

About BeArte

On her travels through time and space,

BeArte has collected stories.
Stories about darkness and light, divinity and humanity.

Material taken from mythology, astrology and nature,

Woven into theatrical performances.

Re-balancing female and male aspects,
BeArte envisions freedom and peace
evolving from the inside.

Lyrical movement through ethereal soundscapes,

enticing forgotten realms into the light.

BeArte takes on a journey.

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BeArte is about digital ethics

This website is the main home of BeArte because it provides a protected and secure environment that respects privacy. It is running on 100% green electricity.

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